Happiness among the Miserable

Mankind thus inevitably sets itself only such tasks as it is able to solve, since closer examination will always show that the problem itself arises only when the material conditions for its solution are already present or at least in the course of formation.Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy Ultimately, the … Continue reading Happiness among the Miserable

Affidavit of Civil Noncompliance with Biomedical and/or Transhuman Alteration

In the course of human history, the reaching of a mass consensus, especially when achieved in sudden urgency, has far more often presaged colossal errors than uniform correctness. All mass advances in reason, logic, and practicality which stand the test of time, rather than relying upon the cheap crutches of peer pressure, groupthink, and Presentism, … Continue reading Affidavit of Civil Noncompliance with Biomedical and/or Transhuman Alteration

#Cancelled: What the Center-Right is Missing

[the people's] object is more righteous than that of the nobles, the latter wishing to oppress, while the former only desire not to be oppressed.Machiavelli Cancellation Online When #cancelculture first entered the vernacular, it was perhaps only deserving of an eyeball-roll. An adult comparable to cyberbullying--where the solution was either to turn off one's device … Continue reading #Cancelled: What the Center-Right is Missing

NMAAHC & The Pendulum

I was recently amused to learn that Washington D.C.'s National Museum of African American History and Culture has taken it upon themselves to define 'whiteness'. My first thought was, surprisingly, from the leftist parlance: cultural appropriation. My next thought: Please tell me no Anglo-Saxon-themed museum has responded to this by defining 'blackness.' Yet, however ill-conceived … Continue reading NMAAHC & The Pendulum

How to Lose when You’re Ahead

Roughly 48 hours ago I predicted with confidence that police would emerge from the George Floyd backlash empowered, due to the dismal optics of protestors-as-thieves-and-arsonists. However, I did not account for the post-traumatic collage of excessive force that they have since gifted to the media. A male-on-female groping, resulting in her recoiling, which provokes a … Continue reading How to Lose when You’re Ahead

How to Lose a Revolution Before It’s Begun

It wasn't until I impulsively clicked on an MSNBC livestream out of Santa Monica that it dawned on me. I had assumed the position of effete American leftists--especially in the media--would be to endorse an attitude of 'anything goes' regarding the George Floyd backlash. But there they were, bemoaning the destruction of The Sake House … Continue reading How to Lose a Revolution Before It’s Begun