Writer Resources:

Poetry Publisher List [2018]

Essential Reading List [2019]

Library Tour [2021]


Atom code editor [free]

Audacity audio editor [free]

GIMP image editor [free]

DaVinci Resolve video editor [free]

Bitdefender Antivirus [free or paid]

Proton VPN [paid, can also come with antivirus, email, drive, etc]


Joy of Cooking by Rombauer

Buffett & Soros by Tier

The Black Swan by Taleb

Orthodoxy by Chesterton

The Fred Factor by Sanborn

Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn

On Killing by Grossman

The Passion of the Western Mind by Tarnas

Western Culture at the American Crossroads by Pontynen & Miller

What are People For by Berry


Collected Fictions by Borges

A Good Man is Hard to Find by O’Connor

Blood Meridian by McCarthy

Suttree by McCarthy

The Remains of the Day by Ishiguro

The Good Earth by Buck

Under the Volcano by Lowry

Harrison Bergeron by Vonnegut


“Music to Summon the Guardian Angel” [my Musicto prog metal playlist]

“Becoming the Boomer” [my Musicto classic rock playlist]

GemsOnVHS (underground country)

Ryan Celsius (underground Rap/Lofi/Wave with vintage aesthetics)

Maxthor ‘Another World’ [synthwave/neo-80s]

Atlantean Kodex ‘The Course of Empire’ [rock/metal]

Means End ‘The Didact’ [prog metal]

Alter Bridge ‘Fortress’ [rock]


True Detective S1

The Illusionist [free with ads]

The Prestige

Lost in Translation


Alien series

Granada Television’s Sherlock Holmes 1984-1994 [free]


Games are so subjective, I’m just listing what I consider to be the best $/hour.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (Steam workshop mods essential)

Darkest Dungeon (Steam workshop mods essential)


Slay the Spire

Monster Train


Manly P Hall [free]

Alan Watts [paid]


Chris Haroun’s ‘MBA in One Course’

Angela Yu’s ‘Web Development Bootcamp’

Any Phil Ebner/Video School video/audio/photo courses


The_Happy_Hob (gaming)

Asmongold TV (gaming & culture)

Better than Food (book reviews)

Chris Stuckmann (movie reviews)

Amoeba Records “What’s in my Bag” playlists (music recommendations)

TheReportOfTheWeek (food reviews)

Ralfy (adult beverage reviews)

Hodinkee ‘Talking Watches’ playlist

crypto Eri (finance news/Japanese culture)

Phoenician Sailor [ASMR]

Chycho [education & comicbooks]