work and will

Our Work and Will: A Compilation (2016)

Free PDF

Juvenilia from my teenage years.


Deus Non Machina: A Compilation (2017)

Free PDF

Primarily critical essays and a novella that pays homage to Lovecraft.

Blue Testament Cover

The Blue Testament: A Compilation (2018)

Free PDF

Short fiction concerning spirituality in a post-spiritual age.

Professor Peter Hoheisel (2018-2019):

As editor/agent. The book Relationship Determines Decision placed in Story Monster’s 2020 Royal Dragonfly award for poetry.

Domesticating the Poem: An Interview With Professor Peter Hoheisel by Winn

KTBB 97.5 FM’s “Art Connection of East Texas” Program With Guests Winn & Hoheisel

Hoheisel’s “South to the Rio Grande” Book Published by Clare Songbirds

Hoheisel’s “Relationship Determines Decision” Book Published By Shanti Arts

Hoheisel’s “Michigan Reunion” Book Published by Prolific Press

Hoheisel’s “Spring Break at Port Aransas” Published in Louisville Review (V84)

Hoheisel’s “The Mennonite Lady of Pelkie” Published in Inscape (V44)

Hoheisel’s “Edge of the Wild” Published in Riverfeet Press (Awake in the World V2)

Hoheisel’s Letter of Recommendation for Winn

Mr Ed Catlett (2019):

Public correspondence.

Deaf Heaven: An East Texas Correspondence

east texas poets

Twelve East Texas Poets: An Anthology (2020)

Free PDF (of my poems only)

Five of my poems appear in this anthology.

Ancient Cherokee culture distilled in a narrative.

‘Followship’ Twitch Community (2020-2022):

Lyrics for “Use the Bow” song

Script of “Hobology” [Greek myth themed] intermission video, premiered 2020/07/24

Editor of “Ancestor Narrates” video

Original Author of Streamerpedia wiki (may have been edited by others since)

Author of an essay about the community

An exploration of a near-future.

Its introductory article can be read here.

The Cantrells (2021):

Art critique.

On Rodney Cantrell’s “It’s a Bull-Market” Drawing (2021):

Guest playlist curator of “Music to Summon the Guardian Angel” & “Becoming the Boomer”

Richard Di Britannia (2021):

Editor of Speak Your Way to Wealth & Small Talk, Small Ideas

An article on this collaboration.

VivaEllipsis (2021-):

Guest author of stories “by” Cera Deyamore

Nonfiction (2022):

An essay on modern philosophy versus ancient mysticism. The first piece that the author considers to be truly important.

An adaptation of Tytler’s Cycle.

Fiction (2022):

A satirical short story updating the famed sleuth.

-An unreleased middle-grade novel about a kid hacker who saves Christmas (publication fate pending)