All of these paintings were created with the paid version of the NeuralBlender A.I. The text prompts they are based upon are by myself, and are often related to or taken from my writings. Fair warning: many of the A.I.’s creations range from the uncanny to the downright disturbing.

Jesus holding a Bible
Helen of Troy
Dinosaur: A Dystopian Story
The Eroticism of Loneliness
The Rage of the Resentful
The Goddess Reading
The Nostalgia of Sacrifice
The Locus of Reincarnation
Jacob Wrestles God
Miyamoto Musashi ‘by’ Gustav Klimt
Pinup girl ‘by’ Van Gogh
Andras, a marquis of Hell who sows discord
Belial, a king of Hell who bestows senatorships and familiars
Pepe the Frog Saves Alex Jones
The Antichrist
The Lion and the Lamb
Claudia Cardinale as the Moon
GK Chesterton ‘by’ Norman Rockwell
Warren Buffett ‘by’ Norman Rockwell
Ripley from Alien ‘by’ Norman Rockwell