Instant Art

I’m a tad obsessed with at the moment. It’s an AI bot that generates composite images based on the keywords you provide.

It’s possible to leave its text box blank and let it generate at random, or give it only one word, all the way to giving it entire poems and passages as I have.

Some of the results are duds even when using the paid option to try more and thus better iterations (although the site says more than 500 iterations produces diminishing returns). However, I’ve only disliked a couple of the few dozen I’ve generated so far–a very fair bargain.

When it does get one’s prompts right, the result can be shocking. Its composition and sometimes even apparent contextualization of the words provided can produce images that Bacon and Dali would not have disliked.

Beyond that, it’s merely a matter of taste as to whether one appreciates the AI’s inherent style–a phantasmagoria of warped perspectives and intermixing composites, the tell-tale fingerprints of a creator that is not conscious of what it is creating. This is the art of dreams and nightmares, not to mention a liminality between randomness and intent.

Here are a few I’ve generated so far (and mine are not yet among its most flattering samples–it has produced some masterpieces already). I’ll start with the free versions (lower resolution, with a site watermark) and end with the paid versions.

Prompt: Joe Biden smokes Hunter’s crackpipe while Washington burns

Prompt: Doctor Fauci vaccinates the children of America

Prompt: Pepe the Frog goes mad to escape the postmodern world

Prompt: the text of my poem “Holiness Shorn,” about Jesus pondering the Bible.

Prompt: dinosaur a dystopian story (the title of my most recent publication)

Prompt: the plumber’s three sons together built upon the work he had begun

Prompt: Merlin beholds Zuckerberg in his crystal ball

Prompt: Polonius loves Bitcoin

I have no idea why ‘Polonius’ and ‘Bitcoin’ generate a fowl, unless the A.I. is so cultured that it is suggesting Bitcoin is “a rooster to Asclepius” aka “the cure of all ills.”

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