The Silver Lining

It pounds daily on the nerves: the insanity of numbers, the uncertain future… An epidemic of fear and naked need: lines of shoppers, long since a customary sight, once more form in front of shops, first in front of one, then in front of all… The lines always send the same signal: the city, the big stone city, will be shopped empty again. Rice, 80,000 marks a pound yesterday, costs 160,000 marks today, and tomorrow perhaps twice as much. The day after, the man behind the counter will shrug his shoulders: “No more rice!

Friedrich Kroner, Weimar Republic, 1923

There must be no majority decisions. The decisions will be made by one man, only he alone may possess the authority and right to command.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1924

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

Revelation 17:13

Every day one sees more and more statistics and anecdotes to suggest that two opposite yet complimentary reactions to the present time are exponentially increasing.

From the middle to the left, this is manifesting as a race to the bottom wherein perpetual existential crisis is treated ineffectually with frantic novelty. They know full-well that the center cannot hold, that the status quo is no longer sufficient to save them from suicide. Their only mistake is that they refuse to acknowledge that the center which is shattering lies within their own hearts and minds. No–everything that is wrong (and most everything is wrong) is the fault of some vague other that insists on the world being unpleasant. If they and theirs were but vested with absolute power for a single instant, all such wrongs would be righted, all inequalities equalized, and whatever creatures gained a human incarnation thence-forth would know no pain except the necessity of euthanasia after a season of pleasant debauch. That this utopian eventuality is denied them by some other is the righteous gloss atop their bottomless resentment; how they hate the imperfect, with the exception of themselves. Indeed, they are only imperfect because the external is imperfect–thus it is perfectly permissible to kill the world if necessary in order to save one’s self.

From the middle to the right, the slightly more simplistic and salt-of-the-earth reaction is to despair at the slow death of the world that one sought so hard to (in some sense) love so that they might (in some sense) contribute to it. After all, willing servitude supposes a worthy master; the supposition of a worthy master, or a meritorious quality to the world’s construction, is effectively the only demarcation between the status quo affirmation of those who wish to be conservative and the kneejerk freedom-for-its-own-sake of the liberal. Of course, if the liberal had no point at all the reaction would not be despair but mere combativeness. It is only the flanking maneuver of being outnumbered and out-argued that provokes a sort of heartbreak concerning the naive romance of the world (a comprehensible, definable world–the world of history, not the current one). The sensation that one effectively went to sleep a valued member of society and woke up the following morning as a problematic relic is of course a stunning one–we are unaccustomed to such leaps in a single lifetime–but it is rendered far more stunning when one demands to see the less problematic alternative being proposed and is unironically handed a portrait of hell. Lot begged his Sodomite and Gomorrean neighbors not to rape his guests, only to be chastised by said rapists-next-door for being judgy

In both cases, the hour at hand is being recognized; nature and nurture simply temper the reaction. The hour I refer to is, at its plainest, simply another imperial boom-and-bust cycle, wherein the gigantism of something like the Roman Empire or the Americo-Western World suffers a massive heart attack from the strain of its own weight and comes crashing down. If this is the case, then the vultures will be along shortly to clean up the mess, and Tytler’s Cycle will recommence. No harm, no foul (except perhaps for those poor souls who chose to start a family just in time for the raising of children to be rendered temporarily impossible). At its most complex, there is of course always the perennial possibility of Kali Yuga, eschatology–history’s long await consummation, wherein the boom-bust is not of an empire but of the species itself. Cross-cultural points of agreement include a degeneracy that turns Idiocracy from fiction to fact, a political economy that renders Blade Runner 2049 more documentary than drama, and the coronation of a false one-world “savior” (Antichrist, Dajjal, Mabus, faux-Maitreya, faux-Kali/Shiva, etc). I’ll append below a letter that I recently sent to some pastors about this matter.**

In either case, there is a great silver lining to keep in mind that is seemingly easy to miss. This time is troubling, not because it will last forever, but because by definition it cannot. It is literally unsustainable; its sin is also its solution. This horrible itch one feels behind the lungs or between the shoulder blades at the infinite banalities we have looped ourselves into, like an abuse victim acting out their own trauma again and again…this dreadful suspicion that those to whom we’ve entrusted the most power are the least fit to wield it…in short, the feeling that either one’s current self or one’s current reality must die, the world not being big enough for the both of us…is not mental illness, but a symptom of mental clarity. Mental illness would be to convince one’s self that this “normal” is in fact still normal–that our “transitory” inflation and dictatorial “democracies” and too-big-to-fail “free markets” and “independent” divorce profiteers and emasculated “men” and unlearned “educators” and self-interested “philanthropists” and lawless “lawmakers” and meaningless “lives” can forever limp on by virtue of the fact that Netflix is still on and Starbucks is still open. No; we did not want God, so now we must get the Devil. That was and is the deal.

The only question that remains is whether one’s political bias–towards whoever lifts highest the false idols of The fascistic Good Old Days or The anarchic Perfection Still to Come–will keep one from being ennobled by this coming season of difficulty–a resurgence of reality after a long hibernation, waking up from the fever dreams of Having It All. For those who can learn to listen to silence and stop heeding the noises of one’s fellow apes, it will be an exceptional period indeed. Let God be true and every man a liar; He is in the whisper!


               …The vaccines, while an interesting example, are possibly a distraction when considered in isolation. I personally am quite a fan of Louis Pasteur’s life-saving inoculation method, and thus am only concerned by the modern options (and modern mandates) for three reasons.

               The first is ethical—that most modern vaccines, and indeed most modern medicines that contain “genetic materials,” are derived from abortion. Sources are suspiciously torn concerning this origin. Some say all such fetal cell line material derive from two abortions, and others just one, somewhere between the ‘50s and the ‘70s. The inconsistencies become stranger still when one questions whether the timing makes sense—were we able to keep those cell lines alive, or clone them as needed, from then onwards to such an extent that they’ve supplied all such medicines for a half-century? In my opinion, the fact that the organs of abortions are harvested and sold points to an obvious alternative. And another is supplied by the HeLa cell line—one of the most “truth stranger than fiction” instances ever recorded. No matter which solution is true, the fact remains that we are effectively prolonging our own lives via the sacrifice of infants. I struggle to find a word for this other than “vampirism.”

               The second is of course the “slippery slope” (which some now admittedly call the “slippery slope fallacy”). The precedent of mandated medical treatments and the two-tier societies that inevitably emerge seems to me potentially limitless. The underlying thought seems to be that the human immune system is a time bomb whose wires should be snipped whenever possible in order to prevent premature deaths. And while the preventing of premature deaths would be admirable (if not made possible by the ultimate premature death of abortion), one wonders what other inherent “faults” of the human being we will soon take it upon ourselves to remedy? And one struggles to square any of this with being made in God’s image, intentionally having temporal immortal life barred from us, being discouraged from altering one’s self even via tattooing, much less on a genomic level, etc.

               The third was the possibility of the treatment being worse than the affliction, either due to mRNA/spike protein-caused myocarditis, or the creation of new and deadlier variants via the Antibody Dependent Enhancement that at least theoretically should occur when one “vaccinates their way out of a pandemic.” One obviously hopes and prays that this is entirely inaccurate, since it would represent the greatest mass failure of the medical, scientific, and political communities ever. However—and here I fully acknowledge that the crinkling of a tinfoil hat may be heard in the background—I do find it at the very least odd that the funding of Wuhan’s gain-of-function research and great swathes of Big Pharma can be traced back to known eugenicists who are on record that the greatest threat to humanity is overpopulation.

               But enough of that. History is amply able to pacify the majority of my vaccine concerns through the weight of “the end justifying the means.” We should know within the decade. In the meantime, far larger things are afoot: the future of privacy, the future of money, the future of gender & the nuclear family, the future of nations and borders, and certainly the future of free speech in light of the concept of hate speech. I would submit that any one of these frantic reevaluations of reality would have qualified as a singular crisis sufficient for any other historical epoch—yet in our case they are all hitting simultaneously.

               In one respect, this barrage of internal crises is not surprising—one could merely say that “sci-fi is becoming the genre of the world.” Now that technology has begun dissolving the necessities that bound human beings to recognizable, civilizational methods for millennia, the methods themselves are dissolving. However, it appears that if one had recourse to Gene Roddenberry, the approaching sci-fi human is trending towards the Borg more-so than Star Fleet—culturally hive-minded yet individually isolated, self-determinism dead and gone due to technological stand-ins for individual character. Far greater minds—some of whom even like the sound of this eventuality—such as Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey, Alvin Toffler, Nick Bostrom, and Alan Moore can be consulted further instead of taking my word for it.

               Again, none of this need be surprising or concerning in a purely secular context (wherein humanity does not matter more than any other species, or perhaps at all). It only takes on great import when one considers it from a spiritual and perhaps even eschatological vantage. Then one is suddenly struck by the rhyme and rhythm of phrases such as “that none may buy or sell without,” “it will be especially terrible for pregnant women,” “as in the days of Noah,” “sorceries [pharmakeia]”, and even New World Order or One World Government. No one knows the day or the hour, and yet we are also told to watch so that we are not surprised as by a thief in the night.

               There are nearly infinite anecdotes and references I could provide to bolster the latter paragraph—most recently I would choose our federal and state leaders who have referred to abortion as “a gift from God” and “an act of love.” In this case, I feel no hesitance at all to declare that some of the most powerful people in our country are effectively Satan worshippers whether they are consciously so or not, because they profess God Almighty is pleased by a sacrament of Molech. However, I already long ago made my peace with the fact that Wherever evil is being done upon the earth, one only need cast a pebble in any given direction to hit a stack of dirty U.S. money. It is to the extent that I can no longer read the description of Mystery Babylon without picturing the land that I love—or try to love.

               However, even if I could convince of my general gist—and it is a gist so terrible that no one would ever Want to believe it—all of it would prove so much wasted air in either of two cases.

               The first case would be to picture the Borg-esque future I’ve referred to, and feel one’s heart warmed by the prospect that these cyborgized descendants of humanity will still worship some cyborgized-Jesus, be it on a terraformed moon or within a digital dimension. This would be a very good way to utterly defuse any such eschatological concern; to unite the secular and the religious to the extent that they cannot contradict one another. For my part, I find the precedents of the Tower of Babel, the Flood, Jesus’ end times predictions, and John the Revelators’, quite sufficient to assure me that this easy-out is too easy to be true. In other words, I do not believe that it is within God’s nature to allow humanity to forevermore and to forever greater extents obliterate His original intentions for us until we are completely unrecognizable as His creations. If He scattered all of us for uniting under one tongue, or drowned most of us for forgetting Him, and age to age He is still the same…well, I look at my watch more and more.

               The second case—and here I am having to briefly venture into an area I have only ever seen from afar—would concern a way of viewing the Church. This way would be roughly as follows. “The Church hierarchy of seminarians and pastors and deacons, etc., have not collectively concluded that there is anything more disturbing or eschatological about this moment in history than there has ever been. Therefore there is not.” In other words, all is and must be clear because no officers have sounded the alarm. I think that I might begin, but certainly not end, by exploring how the Nazi standard-issue belt buckle read “God on Our Side” with (at the very least) the Catholic Church’s blessing. From there, I would then pivot into any of the examples which increase by the day, be it divorce, homosexuality, etc., wherein Catholic and protestant churches, if not entire denominations, are actively deciding to contradict what their own infallible book teaches. Or—perhaps worse yet—they elect to be neither hot nor cold but lukewarm and simply avoid such awkward subjects entirely. The Holy Spirit is infallible; ‘the church’ as in any religious institution of men is clearly not. As for how it could be that so many professional theologians are apparently not hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to them (I mean only the blatant issues that can be verified by scripture), I cannot explain it. I can only ponder that many a reader of Revelation has suspected that the church must be either mere fragments or gone entirely (be it by Rapture or less happy methods) before such things can come to full fruition.

               But why does one want to lay such a heavy burden upon others? Surely it is a morbid personality or a mental illness or a moral panic or even a primitive desire to be agreed with? In the case of the two of you, I have since boyhood and always will consider you to be my pastors. And due to that spiritual authority, it is also possible that you are in some sense held to a higher standard. If this is the case, and any of what I am attempting to convey is from The Lord rather than being the mere ramblings of an imaginative sinner, then I am sure you can roughly guess what I’m about to say. If we are not so lucky as to find that Revelation was merely code about the Roman Empire, and thus that the age-old expectation of an Antichrist and his Mark were wasted vigilance, I am wondering whether the two of you are pillars of the last-century church. And if that were to be the case, this is the best I can do to condense and compress what the Lord has laid so heavily upon me—

               Lucifer disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore the time before his arrival and his actual reign should be characterized by blasphemous impersonations of Christ, wherein deceptions “cure” sickness and death and poverty. Those who profess the yoke of God’s law will be characterized as unkind compared to the “kindness” of lawlessness, wherein nothing is wrong. Thus it is “kinder” to give free money for no effort, “kinder” to agree that one is whatever gender they feel like despite what they are, “kinder” to destroy the excellent because they best the mediocre, “kinder” to forestall inevitable death at any cost, “kinder” to affirm sweet lies than bitter truths, “kinder” to shelter humans from the dangers of making their own decisions or thinking their own thoughts. To be tyrannized by a spirit of lawlessness is an ancient paradox that we are only just beginning to understand.

               Should you feel that I have said little of value or perhaps even wasted your time, I can only apologize by assuring you of my utter sincerity. When the Lord laid these things upon me years ago, it prompted me to take a vow of celibacy, not out of any superior moral fiber, but out of a sheer animal revulsion at the prospect that any descendent of mine might be subjected to what I am describing. Therefore I will pay an exceedingly high price for my cynicism, if that is all that it is.

I think often of those Russian Christians who froze to death rather than take the numbered uniforms of the gulag, for fear that they were the Mark of the Beast. While we can discern that they were not literally correct, I cannot help but admire the sentiment. And I am most perplexed that the modern, Western, non-persecuted church seems to actively don whatever “uniforms” the secular world suggests, almost before the request has completed being uttered.


Christopher Winn

One thought on “The Silver Lining

  1. Very true. Judgement begins at the pulpit! The only church that ever helped me was the Shepherd’s Chapel, it’s on 24/7 on Dish channel 256. It is also on other programs and the computer. WATCH WATCHMAN WATCH! SIMPLIFY .We love you, and are proud. Thanks for giving a little dose. The world needs it right now! Keep it coming my old friend.


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