Happiness among the Miserable

Mankind thus inevitably sets itself only such tasks as it is able to solve, since closer examination will always show that the problem itself arises only when the material conditions for its solution are already present or at least in the course of formation.

Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

Ultimately, the key to “learning to let go” is to realize you are just one person in a democracy of 300 million. It isn’t the government or the state that you are fighting as much as it is the stupidity of the other 299,999,999 Americans.

Aaron Clarey, Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States

I have it on good authority that we have entered another era wherein The Genius of the Crowd will set about to “frantically reevaluate reality” as quickly as it possibly can (perhaps even quicker). And it does not require any insider information to see that this will cause a great deal of “regular people” (family/job types) who more-or-less liked reality as it was a great deal of unnecessary stress. Therefore, I thought I might sketch a sort of primer on maintaining one’s own happiness while surrounded by the miserable. True, if the pattern plays out per usual, the miserable will eventually get around to murdering the happy among them, but this does not change the fact that one should enjoy the time they have left.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves the total redefinition of a word or words, the historical meaning and usage of which is older than any civilization that currently exists…one can do without it. One can do without it because every great person we know of that has ever existed got along just fine without it.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves disarming citizens who have never committed crimes with the weaponry to be disarmed…one can do without it. One can do without it because the only reason to disarm law abiding citizens is to make it easier to kill them thereafter.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves considering one’s self to be the oppressed victim of a malevolent system…one may be able to do without it. One may be able to do without it if the following criteria can be fulfilled: A. one can go to an indoors pipe with hot and cold knobs on either side, turn one or both of the knobs, and find clean running potable water flowing therefrom for their consumption whenever they like. B. one can, in return for 8-hours-a-day of work, five days a week at most, receive such legal tender as can afford all the food, clothing, and shelter necessary to their continued survival. C. one can travel to a public place and scream an expletive followed by the name of a well-known national politician or deity without immediately being murdered or imprisoned. If all three criteria can be fulfilled, one is demonstrably one of the most privileged human beings ever to exist–more pampered than any ancient king–hardly “oppressed” in any meaningful fashion. And even if the system which affords these conveniences truly is malevolent, one must then consider seriously whether they are willing to trade their own life for the obliteration of said system. In other words, if death via hunger strike does not seem one’s cup of tea, then one is entirely unprepared to grapple with the very malevolence they constantly complain about, and would be better served in learning to love their invisible chains.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves the altering, curtailing, tampering, neutering, etc., of any fundamental aspect of the human being such as the brain, the immune system, the reproductive system, or the genome…one can do without it. One can do without it because no one anywhere at any time has ever proven themselves capable of doing better than the holistic human package. Indeed, the tamperers’ own godless evolution-obsessed model constantly reinforces that it is no mistake that humanity is the apex predator of the Earth, in the sense that any successful and lasting evolutionary adaptation is immensely hard-won and signifies the achievement of an awesome balance. To acknowledge one’s own self as a sort of miracle of nature that was at any given time only one wrong mutation away from total failure, just to then repeatedly roll the RNG dice in a bid to slightly improve upon the natural design, is the ultimate pairing of the moronic and the arrogant (not to mention the suicidal).

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves the righting of social wrongs that you personally have never willfully committed or perpetuated…one can do without it. One can do without it because life is hard enough without inventing new Original Sins and Ancestral Guilts and Avenged Sevenfolds until self-flagellation is the new national pastime. To look at someone and say “they did X to me, which was wrong” is the accusation of a crime. To look at someone and say “they didn’t do X for me, which is wrong” or “this person resembles someone else who did X to me, so they must act as my scapegoat” is a complaint deriving from entitlement. The complainer is presupposing that because their parents had sex and they were the quickest sperm, that absolute strangers therefore owe them something. This is a Nietzschean “slave morality” wherein one feels righteous for being wretched, or attempts to derive personal strength from having none. In other words, it is the human comparable of being a parasite–hardly a boon to any would-be host.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality is being made by persons who either A. do not believe in objective truth or B. believe that reality is simply a matter of one’s own perception and thus in Nietzschean terms “there are no facts, only interpretations”…one can do without it. One can do without it because the person making the assertion inherently does not believe their own assertion. They do not believe their own assertion because they believe all human assertions including their own are subjective and arbitrary and unfalsifiable–mere monkey noises, in other words–and therefore there is no reason whatsoever to pay them any mind, much less give them any credence.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality is being made by miserable persons, persons whose misery is seemingly a character trait that no amount of rebellions and revolutions is likely to alter one whit–the sort whom would win the lottery and be dead of a drug overdose within the year, or marry their soul mate and be divorced within the decade, or be imbued with considerable genius and squander it all–…one can do without it. One can do without it because those who are in Hell are unfit to escort others to Heaven (no offense, Dante).

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves reforming a passable political-economic system into another sort that has, and I quote, “never really been done before,” when many millions of people in other years and other countries are quite sure that it has “really been done before“…one can do without it. One can do without it because the person who thinks they are adequate to replace one entire system with another is unaware of the history of their own preferred system, or mistakenly believes that the imperfection of something’s implementation indicates that it was never implemented. In either case, they are more fit to rule the day-yard of an asylum than an entire country.

…If the frantic reevaluation of reality involves a profound hatred of the teachings of Jesus Christ and/or Gautama Buddha…one can do without it. One can do without it because the person doing the reevaluating is demon-possessed. One recommends calling an exorcist instead.

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