Eros Flees: The Compounding Celibacy & Asexuality of Americans

The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high,” reports the Washington Post. We are quickly closing in on a quarter of adults reporting total celibacy. In mainstream comment sections frequented primarily by Baby Boomers, this news seems to be provoking quite a bit of head-scratching.

However insufferably smug it may seem to quote one’s own works, I would like to document the fact that–thanks to the assistance of endless anecdotal data available for gleaning on social media, especially Reddit and Youtube comments–this should be a surprise to no one.

“Eros Fled,” from Deus Non Machina (2017)

…Claiming that sexuality is also being menaced may seem audacious and even absurd since there has never been a time when it was less restrained than now. However, the destruction of sexuality is counterintuitive. Just as the way to stop a child’s gluttonous sweet tooth is to allow him or her to get a terrible stomachache by overindulgence, so the way to cause human sexuality to malfunction is by encouraging society to overdose upon it. One need only consider the increased divorce, depression and sexual discontent and deviance that has arisen in tandem with so-called sexual liberation. Humanity has never had more orgasms and less satisfaction.

Yet deadening and devaluing actual sex is not enough, for it is too hardwired into man’s instincts to be entirely quit, unsatisfactory or not. Rather, the sexes must be alienated to consummate a “progressive” sexuality. The goal is not for humanity to lose interest in orgasm, but in having it with the opposite sex. The foundation for this has been laid by feminism—an opportunity for hatred of the sexually dimorphic and traditionally familial to masquerade as an equalization of rights. With the boogeyman of patriarchy as its excuse, feminism has efficiently emasculated developed societies, demonizing or even criminalizing all that is naturally masculine. And just in case that is not enough to stave off the incorrigible heterosexual male, technology’s more expedient outlets for sexuality such as pornography beckon any man who has received this “we don’t need no man” message loud-and-clear. When technology can allow males complete sexual gratification without any of the legal or emotional risks now involved in attachment to a female as well as the ability to propagate their genes via artificial wombs, the disintegration of males and females shall be complete…

“Wastrel,” from The Blue Testament (2018)

…This female ambition or hypergamy is not just self- nor child-serving; it has also prompted many a dubious father to “get his act together” and “make something of himself” where he might otherwise have stagnated in a worldly sense. Such is the devious but not-all-together sinister trap that nature lays for men—to fulfill themselves sexually they have had to better themselves materially. Though male fortunes, Herculean physiques, scientific pursuits, and artistic magnum opuses have doubtlessly been achieved without the accompanying favors of some minx in mind, one wonders how dramatic the reduction of these accomplishments would be had the libido been absent. So must men see dreaded “bitching” begrudgingly yet with a degree of appreciation. It may be unpleasant, but it is not evil in that it serves a necessary purpose.

The only trouble with this hypergamy is that, being biological and often unconscious, it cannot be (or is rarely) adjusted even when appropriate. Thus women continue to be drawn to polygamous, testosterone-besotted males during peak fertility only to desire a less-aggressive monogamous provider once the hormones have died down. This behavior made perfect sense in an age when he who excelled at violence stood the best chance of preserving new life. In peaceable modernity it is rendered a sad parody of nature’s intention, merely serving to cuckold would-be-fathers throughout their sweetheart’s breeding years or indefinitely.

In addition, the reversal of gender superiority—from dowry where a father paid a man to take his daughter off his hands to the Sadie Hawkins dance of modern courtship—has and is creating a class or substrata of males who can expect, regardless of their preference, to remain lifelong bachelors. The results are in—when no structure of societal shame exists to prevent it, women would rather share a 6’ tall extroverted athlete with salary to match than settle for exclusive rights to an average male. Put concisely, the age of the harem has recommenced. “Good,” the militant feminist may reply. “Men have always made women feel they are nothing more than sex-dolls. It is only fair that we take our revenge by making men feel that they are nothing to us but dildos with wallets.” Such sexual saber-rattling is relatively harmless so long as these rejected males find adequate distraction from their genetic plight. However, should the bread and circuses of video-games and pornography ever grow old for them, I shiver to think what these lost boys with nothing to lose might get up to!

And lest we conclude that all such modern bachelors have been forced out of the sexual sphere, let us meditate upon those who have opted out as well, called grass-eaters in the East and MGTOW (“Men Going Their Own Way”) in the West. Believe it or not, some men have a sense of pride and propriety that their penis does not trump. The thought that they must meet various, rather shallow criterion before the female will deign favor is so offensive that they would rather take their balls and go home. On an even shrewder basis, they may entertain meeting those criteria only to then consider the distinct possibility that all the work involved will come to naught via divorce, alimony, and child-support. “Better to have loved and lost…” is a sentiment few men share in extremis.

Increasingly this current state of sexual affairs seems to eerily mimic the findings of NIMH scientist John B. Calhoun during this “Rat Utopia” experiment. Therein he provided his rat subjects with a world free from every danger except limited space. They then reproduced to such an unsustainable extent that the males eventually became asexual—preferring to relax and clean their coats rather than participate in the Rat Race, as it were…

These works are available either as free PDFs or as physical books via Amazon here.

For any newcomers to this subject matter who would like a brief summary, I’ll say this: the fall of the Roman Empire roughly began the age of the celibate monk. I recommend considering how these modern headlines may relate to that ancient factoid.

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