Initial Reaction to the ‘Green New Deal’

Though “AOC” gives me the vibe of a hysteric whose endorsement of this “deal” will do little more than guarantee Trump a second term, I still find it useful as a preview of the legislation one can expect to see once the voting power of Baby Boomers succumbs to millennials/Gen Z. It also interests me as a blatant love-letter between establishment hacks (Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren) and formidable fringe minds such as Jill Stein, Van Jones, Ban Ki-moon, etc. Finally, it is arguably the first attempt by Bernie Sanders (and his brain-power Stephanie Kelton) to bare a fang since the Hillary campaign taught him to sit and stay.

In general, this “deal” is obviously a Trojan Horse for comprehensive socialism disguised as specialized environmental policy. Implicit within it is the assumption that one cannot have an environmentally-responsible capitalist system (–not that what the U.S. has today is genuinely capitalist). In order to avoid a future where all of California looks like the outskirts of Las Vegas and the swathe from Houston to New Orleans is an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, it suggests we must provide every human with satisfactory employment (unless they’re unwilling to work, if AOC’s now-deleted faux pas is to be believed) and creature-comforts. At first it appears merely another tired repetition of Trosky/Lenin pipe-dreams, wherein a horde of useful idiots call for the kulaks and bourgeoisie to be “dispossessed,” and shortly thereafter find themselves imprisoned or buried beside their slightly richer fellow men. But I am tempted to say that it actually signals a change in the developed world’s genre–Sinclair’s Jungle exchanged for Gibson’s Neuromancer. Without aggressive population control, be it achieved by genocide or putting contraceptives in the water supply (better put it in sodas too, knowing Americans), this plan would guarantee an effete-cyberpunk future wherein all have granite counter-tops and crown-molding in their 6×4′ cells. At least the sky will be clear, when you can sneak a glimpse of it.

…replacing unemployment offices with local employment offices offering public sector jobs which are “stored” in job banks in order to take up any slack in private sector employment.

AKA busy-work to occupy a bored, superfluous populace; see the massive apartment-complexes that sit empty and rotting in the suburbs of Beijing, destined to be bulldozed and rebuilt ad nauseam.

…quality health care which will be achieved through a single-payer Medicare-for-All program.

Good, if disingenuous. The environment wherein all these promises could be achieved is one in which there is no “payer,” only a centralized provider.

The right to a tuition-free, quality, federally funded, local controlled public education system from pre-school through college. We will also forgive student loan debt from the current era of unaffordable college education.

“…through college” is asinine. An undergrad has become the new high-school diploma due to the inadequacies of the public school system. To competently reform said system would remove the “necessity” of attending college. Furthermore, forcing debt-forgiveness upon all such institutions will extinct them, making this class-signifier (your actual concern) a thing of the past.

The right to decent affordable housing, including an immediate halt to all foreclosures and evictions.

See yall in the gulag…

The right to accessible and affordable utilities – heat, electricity, phone, internet, and public transportation – through democratically run, publicly owned utilities that operate at cost, not for profit.

I believe Japan is the bellwether in this regard; if their economy continues to prove incapable of collapsing, then we will know for sure that the developed world’s economic model has become entirely synthetic and stable, in which case USD or yen are just as worthless as Monopoly money, and governments ought to dispense with the pretense of currency to become “providers without payers” as aforementioned. Anyone who has read my compilations knows I consider this to be the sum of all fears; I hope it is not yet here.

…keep the wealth created by local labor circulating in the community rather than being drained off to enrich absentee investors.

Investor as sinister; ROI as malign. No question as to where one finds the “local labor” willing to “create wealth” for their community when no wicked “investor” is there to organize the endeavor and recompense them. Shall all become entrepreneurs? Will the U.S. return to an agrarian society overnight? Utter bullshit.

Democratize monetary policy to bring about public control of the money supply and credit creation. This means we’ll nationalize the private bank-dominated Federal Reserve Banks and place them under a Monetary Authority within the Treasury Department.

Ron Paul called. He wants an apology.

Break up the oversized banks that are “too big to fail.” …Establish a 90% tax on bonuses for bailed out bankers.

Good. Why not 99%?

Revoke corporate personhood by amending our Constitution to make clear that corporations are not persons and money is not speech.


…do away with so-called “winner take all” elections in which the “winner” does not have the support of most of the voters…

“most of the voters” = mob-rule. Difference between republic and democracy…

Create a Corporation for Economic Democracy, a new federal corporation (like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting) to provide publicity, training, education, and direct financing for cooperative development and for democratic reforms to make government agencies, private associations, and business enterprises more participatory. …Strengthen media democracy by expanding federal support for locally-owned broadcast media and local print media.

My hackles raise at these nondescript iterations upon “We’re from the government; we’re here to help.”

…repealing the Patriot Act and those parts of the National Defense Authorization Act that violate our civil liberties…

About damn time. I had feared NDAA might never be touched by liberals simply because Obama had a hand in it. Time really does heal all wounds…

…reducing military spending by 50% and closing U.S. military bases around the world…restoring the National Guard as the centerpiece of our system of national defense…

The USD is backed solely by lead (bullets). It would be an interesting economic experiment indeed for us to transition to socialism and decrease military aggression abroad simultaneously. Read with a slight squint, this seems like we are going to bring our boots and rifles home, just in case we have need of them here during the “transition.”


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  1. Thanks for educating me! ☺ I enjoyed & forwarded to Dad & Granddad.

    From: Christopher Lee Winn Reply-To: Christopher Lee Winn Date: Monday, February 11, 2019 at 2:55 PM To: Subject: [New post] Initial Reaction to the ‘Green New Deal’

    clwblog posted: “Though “AOC” gives me the vibe of a hysteric whose endorsement of this “deal” will do little more than guarantee Trump a second term, I still find it useful as a preview of the legislation one can expect to see once the voting power of Baby Boomers succum”


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