Millennial Mephisto

“So like a fish-bowl, this bluish-green orb

With God’s gangly germs suspended inside.

What a pity that it grew all murky

And mistook for food, grains of cyanide!

The ones here with duplicate chromosomes

Have proven quite difficult to dissuade

But shame their tenderness adequately

And eventually you’ll be obeyed.

Now these with the differing chromosomes—

Less agreeable, but also, simpler—

Just keep them inactive, out of the light,

And thoroughly drugged, to quell their temper.

Ideally, the females should mutilate

Their once-beloved dolls, begrudgingly hate

Males as the cause of their motherly fate

And wed instead the androgynous State.

Then stunted, frustrated, lonesome, bereft

Empty-handed, yet accused of all theft

Called to defend that from which they were cleft

The males will defect, for nothing is left!”

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