Kavanaugh v Ford & Why Neither of Them Ultimately Matter

Ford’s accusation lived or died on a “he said, she said” basis, since any of the individuals that could conceivably back up her story have declined to do so. One of the most ancient precepts of law is that an accusation must be brought by two or more individuals where forensic evidence is lacking. Otherwise, unscrupulous or unstable individuals can limitlessly proliferate their tall tales. Having another stake their reputation alongside yours is the bare minimum failsafe against slander.

If this is true in a nonpolitical context, consider how much more so it must be in a political one. If it were not, every conceivable political office could be “filibustered by scandal,” in which case Clarence Thomas would not be on the Supreme Court, nor would Bill Clinton have ever become president. Indeed, in the latter case, the accuser actually has several corroborating witnesses. But, alas, the American political Left has little feminist ire for the wolves in its flock. They have learned their Alinsky well— “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules” (Rules for Radicals, 128). Had Ford accused a Democratic candidate for the Supreme Court in identical fashion, she would have been either obliterated in, or utterly ignored by, the media. It is only the “family values, good ole boy” GOP that can be made to sweat bullets at accusations of impropriety.

Indeed, dubiously humoring Ford as they have, even unto allowing an asinine FBI investigation that was bound to come back negative, has put the GOP in an even tighter spot. If they do not now seat Kavanaugh, having discredited a baseless accuser as much as possible within a given timeframe, they will have failed the ultimate “shit test.” For Republicans, while in the majority, with a flamboyant president, and the reluctant backing of the FBI, to still be cowed by Ford, would indicate that we are now a one-party system. It would mean that Republicans are on the outside of Washington’s inside joke—that’s it all just a game, in which power, achieved by whatever means necessary, is the only way of keeping score. Lindsey Graham’s seeming earnestness—be it ever so admirable—leads me to believe this is already the case. Rightwing America’s politicians are wearing kid gloves whilst the Leftwing continues to deftly wield brass knuckles.

Does anyone, anywhere, actually believe there is any evidence on God’s green earth that would make Democrats squander the heaven-sent blessing that is Ford? How stupid would they have to be to accept the FBI’s conclusion, when they have spent years effectively swatting the GOP’s nose with accusations of  “patriarchy”? They do not care whether Kavanaugh is a drunken groper or as pure as the driven snow; they do not care if Ford is a victim or a liar. This is not about them. This is about blockading Trump’s Supreme Court nomination just as Republicans did with Obama’s. It’s only more memorable in that Democrats are willing to slyly character-assassinate Kavanaugh, whereas Republicans tactlessly told Obama “no way, Jose.” Let me put it this way—if Kavanaugh had dropped out of the nomination process, the Democrats would have forgotten the names of his accusers before he stepped foot out of the chamber.

But one should not ignore the useful idiots who selectively “believe all women.” There is no better example than Matt Damon’s SNL cameo in which he mocks Kavanaugh’s discomfited demeanor when accused of attempted rape. Considering #metoo nearly took his and his buddy Ben Affleck’s scalps (and would have, were they slightly less handsome), one would have thought Damon might have a shred of sympathy for someone seated beneath the feminist Sword of Damocles. And let us not forget the 1500+ law professors whom signed a letter against Kavanaugh’s confirmation because of his “unfathomable demeanor” during these grisly proceedings. That there are this many academician attorneys unable to recognize righteous indignation is disturbing—one wonders what level of partisan thinking or inner depravity is required to expect a person who values honor can remain stoically composed while falsely accused? The fact that many of these professors have doubtlessly defended or prosecuted countless such persons in the past damages their credibility more than a thousand Fords could.

And lest I make it sound as though Democrats are politically infallible, it behooves us to note that they have severely overplayed this hand. They might block Trump’s nominee, but in return they have sacrificed any hopes of a midterm “Blue Wave.” Indeed, they have all but guaranteed another “Red Wave.” By choosing Kavanaugh as their unlikely sacrificial lamb, they have thoroughly spooked every conservative or moderate with a beloved son, nephew, etc. Feminist and faux-feminist saber-rattling has finally drawn blood; normal, salt-of-the-earth individuals who did not know “how late the hour” of the gender war have realized that if Kavanaugh can be accused and endangered without evidence, then so can their boy. To wake this sleeping giant was a colossal mistake.

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