Poetry Publisher List (Resource for Poets)

Poets&Writers has a page that lists over 200 small publishers of poetry manuscripts, most of whom accept unsolicited queries or submissions. In the course of my current job I’ve read through the entirety of said list, including taking links to the individual publishers’ websites. In order to condense the info therein, I compiled it into a rudimentary Excel file that tells at a glance:

-their web address

-their name & style

-when they read queries

-how long they take to respond

-if they accept online queries


-if they charge a reading fee.

Due to all of this being public info, and since I poured considerable hours into making it, I figured I’d hook yall up with that spreadsheet:

PW Small Publishers List

Happy hunting.

P.S. I estimate that I left off maybe three-dozen publishers who appear on PW.org’s page. I did this either because they no longer accept queries or because they are extremely exclusionary regarding who they will publish.

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