The Rickmobile, Tyler TX, 5/27/18

The Rickmobile‘s stop in Tyler was a pleasant surprise. I wondered if East Texas hosted enough Rick and Morty fans to make it worth their while, but my concern was unfounded. I arrived about an hour early only to be greeted by this daunting line.


It appears that most of the store’s merchandise is hauled by another Rick and Morty-themed vehicle kept out of the spotlight: a yellow “U-To” truck which briefly appears in the background of the show’s pilot episode. It’s a reference obscure enough that some of the fans standing in line could not place it.


As one approaches the broadside of the Rickmobile, an appropriately perplexed Morty stands by to advertise his Grandfather’s wares. These include several items exclusive to the pop-up shop like a backpack, skateboard, psychedelic hoodie, and miniature Rickmobile. I purchased the latter two for myself. (The store is credit/debit ONLY).



With great attention to detail, the Rickmobile sports the Georgia license plate “C137 RM” and Rick’s signature booze-drool.


The shop staff did a great job of staying upbeat and efficient despite the miserably hot Texas weather, and with the recent announcement of Rick and Morty’s 70-episode renewal, it’s a great time to splurge on some merch!

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