Coin Review: Free Will Sovereign

free will bookshelf

The newcomer Free Will Bullion has attracted the interest of Ebay’s otherwise jaded numismatists and silver stackers, receiving 100% positive feedback on nearly a hundred transactions since they appeared late September of 2017. With an official website still under construction, they offer a bit of mystique along with the innovation of their flagship product–the Free Will Sovereign.

A limited mintage proof round, the obverse bears “The Sovereign Being,” what one suspects and hopes to be a recurring figurehead of the brand. Evocative of a youthful Native American, her profile practically leaps from the face of the coin, Edenically nude and fierce yet feminine, to seamlessly overlap with equally pronounced lettering. Silver hounds may imagine slight reference to the Mexican Libertad, with its equally triumphal and unclothed heroine. However, for expressiveness if not scope of scene, the Sovereign is superior.

Meanwhile, the reverse and its explanatory text within the Ebay description leave no question as to Free Will’s inspiration and ideology–

[the product was] conceived as a result of the frustration of and resistance to the growing tyranny many of us have come to notice, be affected by, and despise. As a result of the constant failures of statism, Free Will Bullion is here to help educate and advance the true meaning of anarchy and its values. Free Will Bullion believes that the issuing of fiat currencies is detrimental to the economy and undermines the free market.

free will reverse

Lauding Agora (Greek for assembly and/or market), Anarchy (in the political context of Leaderlessness), and Action, the coin summarizes itself with an “A3” sigil and the conscious choice to declare itself of “Voluntary Exchange Value” rather than a fiat designation. This reverse is rendered distractingly busy compared to the round’s simple, splendid obverse. In the future I hope to see a balance of design on both sides akin to the Canadian Maple Leaf, where the beauty of the arboreal obverse is complimented rather than diminished by an equally clean likeness of Queen Elizabeth on the flipside. I would also enjoy seeing what else its craftsman/craftsmen can think up by way of finish–the “yang” of the current mirrored version is good, but demands a darker, more dignified “yin” variant.

Remarkable for a first offering, and reasonably priced in the limited mintage realm at under $70, I can only hope that the Sovereign will receive enough support to inspire future creation. I think its design to be full of promise, perhaps even genius. Now, if I can just get my hands on one of those even more limited “Mind Your Business” privy’s before they’re gone…



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