Article Response: Robots to Antiquate Men



Response (emailed to author and editor):

Mrs O’Neil,

Congratulations for getting featured on Drudge Report. I’m sure you’ve been inundated with responses, so no hard feelings if this goes unread. I just had a few observations to share in the event that this article spawns a sequel/follow-up.

Robots can and already do outperform both genders at most any task we assign them—there’s no reason to expect a different result when it comes to sex and reproduction via the upcoming “artificial womb.” What is unreasonable is to needlessly perpetuate the ongoing cultural “gender war” by fantasizing that this will only have negative consequences for one of the two genders. Men and women are still symbiotic relationally; hence this sex-robot arms-race is one of mutually assured destruction.

If we are worried about technology rendering anyone “incapable of engaging in real human relationships,” I would submit to you that the ship has already sailed. One need only note the qualifiers for an acceptable mate within your article to verify that genuine relationship has already been replaced by a purely utilitarian view of one’s better half—orgasm-inducer, masseuse, dishwasher, door guard, etc. Not once a reference to genuine emotional interaction, for example. The primary concern is clearly not loving one’s spouse but loving the services one’s spouse renders. In that case, it is assured that anyone who can “trade in” their fleshy, fallible partner for stronger, smarter, sexier silicone will. I find it disingenuous to couch this in terms of competition or the raising of standards. No one will be able to compete from a service-oriented standpoint with these quasi-animate mannequins, any more than the scrivener profession could compete with the printing press.

However, I fear that these inaccuracies were somewhat intentional, seeing as how they gave you a convenient excuse to simultaneously portray men as potential rapists/murderers (“Would that make [robots] more of a threat than actual men?”) AND bumbling Ray-Romano-esque idiots (“have trouble with things like household chores and remembering to go to the doctor regularly”). Here’s some math for you: X = Y if X is a dead horse and Y = beaten. I could have lived with one of these portrayals, but both? Really? Either we’re an Andro-Illuminati that oppresses the innocent womenfolk from on high, or we’re clueless dullards—pick ONE.

Finally… “maybe we’ll end up stronger as a community.” By collectively humping dead plastic and metal? We must have different definitions of kumbaya.

-Christopher Winn, a millennial man

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