East Texas Rose Comic-con (October 28th & 29th, 2017)

“Little pig, little pig! Let! Me! In!”

cosplayDespite a non-committal costume that was oddly akin to how I always look this time of year (sans barbed-wire bat), Nearsighted Negan went over well with my fellow East Texas nerds. Shout-out to my cosplay senpai, Mr Wil D’Alien, far left.


It was an honor to present Mrs Barbara Goodson, of the now-legendary Cowboy Bebop dub (amongst countless other voice-acting credits), with some fan art. I had the neat opportunity to discuss with her the real-world phenomenon of Bebop fans naming their corgis after Ein. At the same panel, I met her Power Rangers colleague Mrs Alyson Kiperman Sullivan, who I grew up watching as the Wild Force Yellow Ranger! She was kind enough to mention her upcoming lead role in this fascinating film; I won’t elaborate just in case any of those details were confidential. Both of these ladies were true stars, kind to fans and classy-as-could-be. Here is Alyson giving Negan a knuckle sandwich:

aly4I of course walked away with a mini-mountain of new literature–several novels by local authors and a couple niche selections (Tolkien’s Gawain, Robert E Howard’s Cthulhu and Worlds of Power: Castlevania II Simon’s Quest). One of said local authors, Mr Henry Melton, was kind enough to read the novella Sharp Medicine within my “Deus Non Machina” compilation and provide me with very useful constructive criticism. He practices what he preaches to great effect, as his The Copper Room testifies.

I also received a big ole rejection at the Con’s Short Story contest, failing to place in the prized Top 3. “Ad Nauseam” was too emotionally sterile; “Approximation” was creepy but not in a good way. Nonetheless, the critiques I received left me feeling that I’m at least barking up the right tree even when the subject matter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (rhyming idioms, yay).

Finally, thanks and an apology to the awesome Willowcreek Custom Knives crew. I’m sorry my budget couldn’t swing it this time around, but you better believe I’ll be back for more of that sweet, sweet cutlery in the near future. I have bought two Damascus blades from them so-far, one of which was an online purchase, and these guys have their act together in every respect. Still on the edge about buying from them? Ogle this, and prepare to unsheathe thine credit card:


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